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24,00 m / 78,74 ft
6,00 m / 19,69 ft
Russia, Moscow

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The American dream!!! ATTENTION IS NOT A HOUSEBOAT!!! This RIVER YACHT is designed and constructed for long and comfortable travelling on rivers, channels and coastal waters.The main difference from houseboats and pontoons is the CASE that in the houseboats is designed mainly just to give the house a buoyant, for life on the water. Although manufacturers declare that the houseboats are able to travel by water this is only partially true and all the movement is sharpened only for the change of deployment at short distances ,as evidenced by the weak(often suspended)motors and buildings with low structural rigidity in project sizes and capacities often do even trivial windage when berthing and maneuvering. This YACHT was designed and built for long journeys and body she is built of marine aluminum 5mm thick and 8mm in the bottom ;with all the marine set :the frames ,the beams, stringers and so on. Also equipped with two DIESEL engines YANMAR for 350L.with. on VALOLINE and hydraulic front and rear thrusters. This boat was purchased in 2012 in the U.S. and its course quietly moved from Houston to Miami and then by ship and crossed the Atlantic on their own through Peter reached Moscow . In 2017 were purchased by me. Before that I owned various yachts up to 20m ,which came not a few miles (for example from Moscow to Sweden, or from Moscow to Cyprus) and realized I came to this variant of the vessel for travel on water. Of course the American yachts have their own characteristics and is designed to operate in their circumstances -therefore, I have produced a profound renovation and remodeling to adapt to cold and harsh conditions. Namely: 1. The boat has been insulated to the max and installed a reverse system air conditioning and heat(there was only cold) for severe cold purchased WEBASTO which is necessary only when the water temperature falls below 5 degrees 2. Converted all-electric network with the installation of a powerful inverter with additional battery packs and intelligent chargers(the network was 110V) is Now standard generator(power 24) is needed only in TWO cases, the heater air conditioning or to recharge the group of battery which is carried out in automatic mode no more than 2 times a day(40min) while in offline mode.Shore charging is connected to the bow or the stern(all adapters are) the fuel and water are also refilled from any location. 3.Installed a new satellite dish, lookout, sonar, 120-inch monitors on the upper and lower positions, a visual signal,radio top & bottom,SGU camera. Also reworked sockets, lighting and installed disco lights, karaoke,gamasina,foam machine,DJ powerful speakers and it's all in TWO copies, the top and bottom for the ice maker and refrigerator on top. Set TV 50 and 60 inches in all cabins as well resivery a DVD and a bunch of small Goodies for life 4. Converted all water and sewer systems(Europe) with completion of full-time marine of the septic tank(fully automatic) 5. Exterieru upper and lower decks with teak, sewn top tents include teak loungers, dining furniture, sofa for 10 people,a gas table.Reworked the bottom bar open lounge area. Standard yacht has a luxurious American gas grilene 20 people, huge refrigerators, dishwasher,ice maker, beautiful lighting plush beds and a beautiful interior.The lower post has a drive for lowering to the floor 6. Three full double cabins and crew cabin for 2 pax, not counting the huge living room dining room and kitchen, 2 huge and 6 foot hydraulic drop platform at the stern can accommodate 2 Fuel tanks - ton(enough for 1000 km at 10 knots) water 1200l (there is a desalination plant which works as a cleaner in freshwater) boat accelerates to 18 knots,but cruising speed is incredibly economical as only two FEET of sediment,which allows to go into any river and Park nose into the sand(there's even a ladder on the nose), a Wave meter does not notice, in principle, 7. my boat is decorated with lots of flowers and greenery and looks like the best house on the water in the canals of Amsterdam The yacht is fully put in order well-kept and ready to send you on a long journey. Did the boat for yourself. Sell heart bleeds, but you need to finish the house. Selling for half of the actual cost(less than 300 thousand euros) will be given in caring and loving hands. Bargaining is of course possible So I will give the same JET tender AVON 4m with a status of new(with the jet TEC tent trailer registration which itself is worth over 3 million rubles), which stands on the back platform. As this yacht is equipped with Parking place in Serebryany Bor for 60tys per month, which will allow you to live half a year in the most beautiful place of Moscow) as a bonus mean that in terms of rental of passenger capacity comfort and compliance this boat does NOT know the competitors and in the summer the demand for it is huge from 40 thousand per HOUR.
$ 735 588Listed price: 700 000
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Fantasy for charter

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